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       Vibrant, funny, and inspirational, 24WORDS is an original musical about a 300-year odyssey to achieve Equality. 24WORDS refers to the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA): “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

The ERA was passed by Congress 1972 — and in 2019 the last state of the 38 states required to ratify the ERA voted for ratification. This fate of the Equal Rights now rests with Congress, which must remove the deadline for ratification. So, as of today, women do not have a Constitutional right against discrimination.

       24WORDS is an original 100-minute musical about the odyssey to achieve Women’s Equality – from 1640 to March 22, 1972: when women were almost equal, pot was almost legal and “contraceptives could be sold to unmarried people.” The story presents six eras in Equal Rights history:

   1600s    – The origins of the modern Women’s Rights                      movement.

Late 1700s - The Revolutionary War; the Constitutional                        Convention and the Bill of Rights.

Mid-1800s -  Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention;                        Civil War; 13th Amendment; Abolition of                        Slavery.

Early 1900s - The Suffragette Movement; the Roaring                           Twenties; Equal Rights Amendment                               proposed in 1923.

40s & 50s -   World War II; Rock-and-Roll; Middle                               Class.

    1960s   -   Counterculture; Vietnam; Civil Rights                              Movement.

1971 & 72 - 18-year-old’s get the right to vote; Gay                             Liberation; Stonewall Riots; ERA passes                         Congress – women are almost equal, pot                       is almost equal and “contraceptives can be                     sold to unmarried people.”


Diverse Cast and Amazing Soundtrack:

     A diverse cast of 6 and live band of 3 or more, perform 22 original songs based on               popular musical styles from the 170os to the 1970s: Classical, Ragtime, Swing, Folk,               Country, Soul, R&B, Tango, Power-Pop, Garage, and Glam.

     For the audience, 24WORDS is filled with revelations, historic information — with an             uplifting message about how equality can be achieved.


The Creative Team:

     24WORDS is an independent production from LingoStudio.

     Charles Kouri, a Chicago playwright, is the writer and lyricist.

     Gary Bragg, a Denver-area artist, composed the music.

     Additional songs provided by Dean Schlabowske.

     Production History

     The musical was developed in the Chicago Women’s Theater Alliance Off-The-Back-               Burner program, which culminated in a staged reading.

     In 2015, readings were held in Chicago and Denver.

     In 2016, 24WORDS was performed in Chicago.

     In 2017, 24WORDS was performed in Chicago, including a performance at Steppenwolf           Theater as part of their LookOut Series. The show was also performed at events for the         Women’s Equality Day Rally in Washington D.C.

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