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Before I Wake Anchor

Before I Wake

       Before I Wake is a dark coming of age rock opera set in 90’s rural America. The protagonist struggles to establish his independent identity as worldly temptations clash with the conformist pressures of small town values and institutions, particularly organized religion. The music encompasses a wide range of styles from rock, funk, reggae and industrial to traditional show tunes. It was produced in a black box theater at the University of Colorado at Denver in 1998. The innovative stage concept used the vehicle of a mock reality tv talk show with the protagonist the unwitting subject, several years before The Truman Show and the advent of modern reality television. 

Before I Wake


Recorded at Squidwerks

Greg Heimbecker — Engineer



Gary Bragg, Dave Sanford, Steve Snelling, Roxann Bragg, Deb Thomas, Milward Simpson, Leisa Bragg, Greg Heimbecker



Eric Moon - Keyboards

Mark Raynes - Drums

David DeMichelis - Guitar

John Rasmussen - Guitar

Steve Womer - Bass

Hugh Ragin - Trumpet

Gary Bragg - Keyboards and Trumpet

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