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Gary Bragg

Musician & Composer
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Gary takes a hard look at old times, good times, heartache and temptation. He tells timeless stories with heart and humor.

Gary Bragg Band

The Gary Bragg Band plays original music and tribute sets.  The band includes the three founding members (Gary, David DeMichelis and Don Newby) of Kid Charlemagne and long time collaborator Mark Raynes. They are joined by Miles Bragg on the bass. 


Typically, the band plays two set shows. The first set is original G Bragg music and the second set is a tribute to a classic artist.  Currently the list includes Neil Young, John Lennon, John Prine, Pink Floyd, Joe Jackson, and The Band.

Metal Shine
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Gary Bragg Band

Stage Productions

Selections from Before I Wake

Book by Milward Simpson & Gary Bragg

Music and lyrics by Gary Bragg

Selections from The Ticket

The Ticket

Book by Charles Kouri, Lyrics by Gary Bragg 

Music by Gary Bragg & David DeMichelis

Additional material by Eric Ottem

Selections from 24WORDS
Stage Productions


Sons of Igor
Igor's Bastards


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       Gary was born in Imperial, Nebraska, a small town full of great music.  Growing up in western Nebraska meant you participated in everything from football to band to student government and there was still time left over for fishing and adolescent dalliances.  Gary followed in his father’s footsteps when he chose Northern Colorado to pursue a music degree.  His father, James, played piano and trumpet in the first jazz band in the history of the school and while at UNC, Gary was featured on a record that remains  the only college vocal jazz recording to be nominated for a Grammy award. He also found his calling as a composer and was a finalist in the Elevox National Composition Contest.

       In 1986, Gary moved to Denver and continued playing and writing music as well as teaching music.  In 1997, he graduated with honors from the Sturm College of Law, University of Denver.   Teaching during the day and going to law school at night meant writing music during class and playing gigs that started an hour after class ended.

My Favorite Bandsgb.JPG
Gary with the GBB

       For fifteen years, Gary played piano and was the lead singer in the Steely Dan tribute band, Kid Charlemagne.  In 1995, he and Eric Moon created Sons of Igor, a reunion and second record is happening.   Gary has cowritten four musicals that have been performed in New York City, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver and Washington, DC.

       Recently, the Gary Bragg Band added his son Miles on the bass.  The band plays shows that consist of an original set and then a tribute set of a classic artist.  At this point the list includes Neil Young, The Band, John Lennon, John Prine, Pink Floyd, and Joe Jackson.

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